Saturday, 15 July 2017

Daylight robbery and Go-Go girls

Oh dear. Corporate greed abounds again.

Yesterday, Madam Arcati discovered that every photo he had ever posted to his rather lovely blog diary of our gardens had been replaced by a threatening graphic by our chosen host site for photo albums, Photobucket. It seems that, without any warning at all, from now on users cannot link from that site to Blogger or anywhere else - until or unless one pays them the princely sum of $399 (over £300) per year!!!!!

Needless to say, we will never fork out that kind of money - ransom threats or no ransom threats - just to see our own photos on a blog. So now I have an unenviable task ahead - to "repair" six years' worth of The Madam's blogs by painstakingly replacing Photobucket links with directly uploaded photos (thankfully Blogger lets users do that for free - at the moment). Thank heavens he's not such a prolific blogger as I.

Bigger, yet, however, is the task I have to do here - to go back over TEN YEARS of my own blogs (both here and over at the Museum of Camp - there are thousands!) and check to which ones I have embedded photos from our albums, then replace them. Then close my Photobucket account for good, and tell them where they can shove their blackmail.

I foresee much cursing and drinking. ["No change there", I hear you cry!]

To calm the jangling nerves somewhat, here's an old fave and a "Go-Go" classic from The Eliminators:

Keep shimmying!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm doing so as we speak, honey - I have deleted dozens of albums so far, and am determined to cancel my direct debit to the robbing bastards by the end of the week. Jx

  2. Bastards. It feels like life online is getting more and more precarious. Good luck with your mission.

    1. Thanks, dear - I wouldn't mind, as it has always been a crap site and we were thinking of a change, but to retrospectively remove all pictures linked to their site ever without any warning is just an act of piracy! I am indeed on a mission, and I will win. Jx

  3. "determined to cancel my direct debit" - You mean, you already pay for the service and yet still get shafted?!? Good gods!

    I don't envy you your task. I get tired and frustrated just replacing the odd YouTube video that's been taken down...

    1. I do indeed pay about £2.70 per month for "additional bandwidth/storage", as they only have a certain amount of storage that is free. That will change, as I have reduced what I allowance I have on their servers now down to 40%, and counting... I will not pay them another penny from now on. Jx


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